Just a little different

A community for families that are ‘just a little different’. From single-parent families to mixed-race families, same-sex couples and everything in between, Just a Little Different has something for everyone. We’ve created a unique range of products suited to all family types. Customizable story books, baby milestone books, pregnancy announcement videos, hand-crafted inspirational prints and so much more!

My special family books

Choose from our range of customizable story books to help parents explain the origin of their family to the little ones.

Baby Milestone books

Choose from our range of gender-neutral baby milestone books, designed to suit every type of family.

Pregnancy announcement videos

Choose from our range of customizable video templates to craft your 15 second pregnancy announcement video.

Inspirational prints

Choose from our range of hand-crafted prints, lovingly created to guide and inspire you with carefully curated advice for life.


Choose from our range of unique baby and children’s clothing for families that are just a little different.

Birth announcements

Choose from our range of customizable birth announcement templates. Available digitally or as a framed print.