Welcome to our family

Founded with our family in mind, Just a Little Different is a community for families that don’t quite conform to the “mom, dad, two-point-five children, white picket fence and a Labrador” ideal. As a family with two moms, we found very few items available via mainstream retailers applied to us, so we created a range of items designed with families that are ‘just a little different’ in mind. The range includes a series of customizable books to share the story of your special family with your little ones, a range of baby milestone books that are gender-neutral and suited to all types of families, customizable pregnancy announcement video templates and a whole host of other items for your special family.

When we were trying to conceive we struggled to find forums and blogs that we could relate to. Sure there were loads of mommy blogs and pregnancy forums, but very few that catered to same-sex couples trying to start a family. And so, we decided to share our story with others in the hope that our experiences might shed some light on their journeys.

From customizable story books to share the miracle of your special family with the little ones to a range of inspirational prints and bespoke pregnancy announcement videos, we’ve got something for everyone. Our unique range of products was created with unique families in mind – families like ours, families that are ‘just a little different’.