Baby Milestone Books

As a family that’s ‘just a little different’ we struggled to find baby milestone books in which we could record the growth of our child because all the books we found specifically mentioned a ‘daddy’, which our son didn’t have. With our family, and others like it in mind we designed a range of baby milestone books that are completely gender neutral, ensuring their suitability for any family type.

The Range

What’s included:

This 48-page hard cover book includes:

  • 2 pre-baby pages for a photo or ultrasound picture and a note to baby
  • 3 pages for baby’s arrival, including a space for foot and hand prints
  • 2 ‘your world’ pages for a photo of home and how much things cost when baby was born
  • 12 monthly milestone pages with a space for photos
  • 12 pages that include family tree, favorite things and a variety of firsts including first holiday and smile
  • 4 birthday pages
  • 1 first day of school page
  • 10 blank pages with embellishment